Danh Võ “ydob eht ni mraw si ti” Featuring Works by Peter Hujar at Museum Ludwig, Cologne

Aug 1 , 2015 - Oct 25 , 2015

“What happens when you create a full-scale replica of the

Statue of Liberty, dismantle it into more than 150 pieces, and

scatter them across the globe? This spectacular long-term

project, entitled We The People, is just one example of how

Danh Võ touches on our cultural understanding of ourselves

in a changed and changing world. In his objects, installations,

photographs, and works on paper, the artist, who was born

in Vietnam in 1975 and grew up in Copenhagen, combines

experiences from his childhood with his family’s history,

their flight to Europe, and questions of colonialism, migration,

and cultural identity.

The show, which was conceived by Danh Võ specifically

for the museum, brings together the largest contiguous piece

of We The People to date with additional new works, which

engage in a dialogue with selected works by the US-American

photographer Peter Hujar.”

Hein­rich-Böll-Platz, Cologne, Germany